The following are the recommendations regarding the gains and benefits of the firms during the B2B business meetings visits within the scope of the Trade Delegation:

  • Trade delegation organizations are mostly selected from amongst countries where cluster members have difficulty in direct access and have never undergone active exports or relatively little. The conformity of the specified country should be confirmed in terms of Cluster’s Need Analysis and instant trade statistics.
  • Each trade delegation is intended for a commercial discovery. The basic principle of the visit is whether the market visited is suitable for marketing and the product range of the producer.
  • The main purpose of the visit is to understand the difference between the manufacturer’s own products and the existing products in the market and then decide on the relevant adaptations to be visited and to be visited.
  • In relation to the targeted market, having the database and then providing the first contact with the appropriate customers is the second most important goal expected of the trade delegation.
  • Before participating in the B2B event event, all participating companies are expected to have sufficient marketing instruments and to be able to express their company qualification and capacity through web site, catalogs, social media shares.
  • The fact that the company representative participating in the organization within the scope of the Trade Delegation is able to answer all the questions clearly and use the initiative will have an accelerating effect on commercial connections.
  • For some sectors, expectations are high with regard to minimum order quantities, but this should be kept as flexible as possible for the first contact markets and, above all, to penetrate the market.
  • Marketing is, in any case, a long-term field of activity. All marketing experts agree on the fact that “repetition” is essential in marketing, and after the event of trade delegation, it is necessary to continue contact with the target country. You cannot conquer any market by visiting only once and by waiting for your company to be found by customers.

As GlobalMark, we continue to support our participating companies in the aftermath of the meetings. In addition, as a result of other commercial missions, we also perform non-organizational matching activities in case there are suitable buyers for our previous participants.