GlobalMark – B2B matchmaking, Trade Mission, Business Matchmaking

Project Stages:

  • Preliminary Stage
  • Introduction Stage 1
  • Introduction Stage 2
  • Field visit and Confirmation
  • Matching Organisation
  • Conclusion and Reporting

Preliminary Stage

  •  In this process, one-on-one meetings will be held with Turkish companies who have been confirmed to participate in the event. In these meetings, level of knowledge about the target market and the big companies which they want to meet will be identified.
  • In order for the marketing to be realized successfully, prominent features of each company will be identified.
  • Accurate visual and written material will be obtained from companies in order to enter correct data into websites which will contain company profile information)
  • The information will also be used for the company profile booklet which will be prepared in English.
  • The main theme that can be effective in the countries to be visited will be selected and the relevant marketing equipment will be created in order to be able to create a single cluster perception within the framework of the specified information.
  • Names of distributor and wholesale companies, which import in accordance with related GTIP codes and those defined at the customs of countries to be visited, will be identified.
  • Different content and format invitation letters will be prepared for industry decision makers in different specified fields specified.

Introduction Stage 1

All marketing documents will be translated into English or in their local language in order to realize an effective introduction. Following this process:

a. Obtaining Detailed Data
  • All data obtained will be sorted and a short list of qualified guests will be created.
b. Mailing
  • File, company profile booklet and invitation envelope containing invitation letter will be mailed to the addresses all defined guests.

 Introduction Stage 2

  • Guests will be called in accordance with the written standard text established with our partner companies located in country to be visited.
  • Companies can register and be viewed via GlobalMark’s own system . In order to get appointments, they will be reminded via phone calls and mail.

Field Visit and Confirmation

  • Field visit will be made to the cities mentioned about 1.5 months prior to the event together with the UR-GE Project officials (or only as GlobalMark).
  • Places to seen within the scope of retail tour will be visited.
  • Meeting room and related details will be confirmed for the last time.

Matching Organization

  • Completing the registration of pre-registered buyers over the specified system and confirming appointments.
  • Re-calling all registered participants 3 weeks prior to the event and getting final confirmations.
  • Preparation of event name tags.
  • Providing the Turkish companies with the names and contact information of the companies which them will meet during the B2B event.
  • The activity will be carried out through B2B meetings consisting of 20 minutes each.
  • Completion of signed documents deemed appropriate by ministry in connection with the specified meetings.

Conclusion and Reporting

The following are essential for all participating and buyer companies and vice versa;

  • Whether there was a match
  • Whether the match is in accordance with the industry demand
  •  Evaluation of match-up in short – medium – long terms
  • Information about the new marketing activity that is requested to be repeated in a short time will be collected and presented as a report